Tube Filling Machinery

MazzPac LLC has recently partnered with PACMAC Solutions PVT. Ltd.  to bring high quality, well engineered and very affordably priced tube filling and cartoning machinery to the USA and North America.  

This partnership offers you a truly affordable alternative to the over priced, and over rated European machinery, and a higher level of quality and  support than the  inferior alternatives currently on the market. We are about half the cost of the well known European brands, our lead times are shorter and we provide a high level of domestic and international customer support. Each machine is backed with a 3 year warranty, ask our more expensive European competitors what  type of warranty they offer.  These machines are built and assembled using high quality metals, brand name components and quality craftsmanship. We offer 4 tube filler models, ranging from 60 to 240 tubes per minute with available cartoners.  Each model is user friendly, easy to change over and highly reliable and productive. We offer a broad range of add on components, each suited to your specific requirements. Before purchasing any tube filling machine  we encourage you to visit our filling showroom, located in Newport, Delaware, and see our MAC 60 tube filler.   

MAC 60, With cassette tube feeders and agitator

MAC 120, With cassette tube loaders and agitator